Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post Human Portraits...first wave...

So a few years back, I was fed up with comics. I had moved to philly with the intent of concentrating on art stuff and completing a mammoth Sci-Fi opus that I had started my senior year in college. It ended up being a 90 page monstrosity that will probably never see the light of day...Not that it's TOTALLY shitty....but by the time I got to page 90, I was sooooo fed up. I wanted to get back to fun.

So I started drawing my cyborgs, and monsters, and super heroes, surrounded by bits of pop culture arcana that I love.
I also decided I needed to teach myself some digital art skills, so what you see here are my first efforts at digi-painting under pen and ink line art..

all this silliness eventually led me back to comics...and more than a few of my buddies have become characters in my next attempt at long form cartooning....

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